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Dear Leo:
Enclosed is the payment for the radon mitigation you performed at our home.
Thank you so much for the professional job. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone with a radon problem.

Thanks again,

Margaret P.

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Radon Measurements for Home & Commercial Properties

  • Short term simultaneous passive integrating tests
  • Short term hourly CRM test
  • Short term RDP test (OSHA)
  • Long term Alpha Track test

Reasons why RHMM can help you with your radon testing in your Home, Business or during Real Estate transactions:
A fully certified person by the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) will do the test
EPA standards and procedures will be followed.
Minimum 48 hour test ("Short Term" test) will be observed.
Closed house conditions will be observed 12 hours prior to, and during test.

Choice of two short-term detector types:

  1. Passive (E-PERM) detector: Advantage: Electrical failure proof, independent of humidity compared to a charcoal test device.
  2. Continuous Radon Monitor: Advantage: Tamper resistant and electrical failure proof.

Your choice of two long-term detector types:

  1. Typically, for 7 days to 63 days: Longer "Short Term" E-PERM detector (Reason for the funny name is that the EPA classification for any test shorter than 90 days is  "Short  Term").
  2. For more than 90 days, up to one year: Alphatrack-type
    These "Long Term" Radon tests may also be useful after mitigation has been done, and for the one year or bi-annual follow-up tests.

Quick Turnaround Time of Results: Immediately after the test we will call you with the results. If desired we e-mail a written report to you within 24 hours after the end of the test.
If mitigation is recommended according to norms set by the EPA we can inform you of the
possibility and give you a free estimate of the costs for mitigation.

Measuring radon concentration in your home.
If you have read the linked pages above, you now understand what radon is, where it comes from, how it can affect our health and who is at risk. In the next few linked pages we give some more information about how to measure the radon level in your home and when is the best time for testing. It is best to use a testing company that is certified by the AARST-NRPP, (or the NRSB), because for a company to be certified they have agreed to follow the testing guidelines and standardized protocols formulated by the EPA (See below).
In order to give more background information we have added some Radon Statistics by County, and to emphasize the fact that the problem of radon in homes is a generally recognized health concern we added a statement from the U.S. Surgeon General about radon and health.

Two examples of radon tests following the EPA guidelines (during a 48 hour interval) for real estate transaction are:

Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) has tamper resistant features built in for real estate transactions, and measures hourly readings for home owners, if they want to know the variability  of the radon level in their house.
Integrating Radon Test. This type is specifically also not influenced by increased humidity as some other integrating radon test device are (such as the 'charcoal' type test devices).

Cancellation policy: If scheduled radon tests are cancelled during the last 48 hours before the original scheduled testing start time a cancellation fee ($25) and driving charge (if cancelled when test is already running) will be assessed upon cancellation. In addition, by accepting our equipment the customer acknowledges to be responsible for equipment replacement costs if not returned to RHMM or is not found onthe same place where left behind by us.

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