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Dear Leo:
Enclosed is the payment for the radon mitigation you performed at our home.
Thank you so much for the professional job. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone with a radon problem.

Thanks again,

Margaret P.

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Mold Spore Concentration Air Sample Testing
GOAL: To determine if a hidden problem exists and positively ID the mold type

  • Screening tests are done both inside and outside of the house to find out if mold growth exists in your homeeven in places where you can't see them such as behind walls or otherwise hidden from the naked eye. Some of these mold types are known to be extremely unhealthy for inhabitants or can destroy the wood.
  • A certified, national laboratory will perform the sample analysis and look at a spectrum of twenty-three mold spores and their density in the air.
  • Turn around time can be fairly quick and price depends on the turnaround time required.
  • An Air Mold test includes one test in the suspect area, one in an area that is not suspect and one test outside, thus minimally three tests in order to determine the severity of the problem.

See example of mold spore spectrum by clicking here

Mold Tape Lift Testing
GOAL: To ID mold type that can be seen

  • These are samples taken to establish Identification of a mold that can be seen growing. This mold test is again only useful with appropriate background testing.
  • Besides the test samples taken in the areas where mold is visible we recommend one in a non-suspect and one blank test for comparisons. These test samples can show hyphae (the mold threads) as an indication of mold growth.
  • The certified laboratory looks at a spectrum of 22 mold spore types. In this method the goal is ID classification. Frequency is not as meaningful as in the Air Sample tests and is classified at four levels only (rare, low, medium, high).

Mold Testing

Non-Destructive Moisture Scan To find The Cause Of Mold.
GOAL: To find hidden moisture problems behind walls, over ceilings, under wood floors or roofs

  • A moisture problem is the origin of any mold growth, and solving the source of water intrusion is the primary goal of any mold remediation.
  • How do you find a slowly dripping water pipe or leak of any kind behind a wall without poking holes in it?
  • We find these problems by scanning the wood, floor, drywall or roofing with a non-invasive RF based instrument.
  • This test prevents any poking of holes in your walls, ceilings or floors when there is no problem behind them and points accurately and directly to the place where problem moisture is located.

Mold Measurement Tools

See examples of non-destructive moisture scan by clicking here

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