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Leo -
Thank you so much for your professional approach to our radon problem and solution.
We appreciate your concern for not only our housing issues, but for Rod’s health also.
Thank you so much for a system that’s working beautifully,

Debbie S.
Fort Collins, CO

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Detecting and Eliminating Mold Growth in your home:
If you have an uncomfortable musty smell indoors in your home or office environment, you may have mold growth in places where you either may or may not be able to see it. In some cases these dangerous molds can be responsible for mycotoxins released in the air which can cause allergies or worse.

Don't be mistaken. Mold growth can occur just as easily in Colorado homes as anywhere else,  even though the outside climate is generally dry.

At RHMM we choose from a variety of physical monitoring tests to determine whether there is a source of mold that could be threatening the health of your family right in your own home.

Measure Mold Spore Spectrum and Concentration in Your Home
At RHMM we can do a physical test whether there is a source of an indoor air problem caused by mold. By analysing the spectrum of data obtained from such a test we can determine the fingerprint of a specific mold type that causes the problem.

mold spore concentration test Mold Spore Concentration test
Example of test results for various home conditions:

These are screening tests inside and outside the house to determine if mold amplification exists in your home by certain mold types that are known to be unhealthy for the inhabitants. A certified national laboratory will perform the sample analysis.

The first two sets of three measurements were taken in the same building before and after the mold remediation
The last set of three tests were taken in a building without excessive mold growth and are shown for comparison.

In each set of three measurements the O is a test background done outside.
B means bedroom or basement and C means in crawlspace. FL is a measurement done near the floor in a suspect area.

mold chart measurement

The first set of three test results shows that the mold infested building was identified because the spore levels inside were much higher than outside.
The second set of three test results shows that the building had been successfully remediated to the point that the residual molds are not expected to cause a health concern in the home.

The importance of an outside test is even more apparent by looking at the following set of three mold tests for a home where we have drawn lines beteween the identical mold spore types to guide the eye.
If the lines go upwards mold growth for that type of mold may be suspected in the indoor environment. Therefore the house where these tests were done has no suspect mold growth, and the outside air mold spore concentration is relatively high, influencing some mold spores to be present inside because of the natural ventilation rate of the house.

mold chart measurement

If one (or a few) type(s) of mold is growing excessively inside the building one will see the(spore-) fingerprint of that mold type deviating fromt he rest in the spectrum of mold spores.

mold spore growth in your home Finding Hidden Moisture and Mold Growth in Your Home

At RHMM we can do a physical test that points at the location of hidden moisture and mold via non-destructive testing...
The following are two examples.

The Shower Wall

In this example it is suspected that because of a crack in the grouting of the tiles in the shower area moisture may have accumulated behind the tiles above the base. See photo:

mold in shower tile

We scanned the area with the moisture scanner. The area-graph below shows the Relative Humidity summed along the edge of the bottom of the shower base and in horizontal lines above it as a function of the height above the edge of the shower base.

mold measurement in home

It is clear from this graph that moisture has already accumulated behind the tiles. If the problem is not solved this can cause a significant mold problem.

The Shower Ceiling

In scanning the ceiling of the shower area we discovered a fairly large spot of drywall (approximately 100 square inches) that had a substantial larger relative humidity than the surrounding drywall ceiling as is shown in the following three dimensional graph:

mold scan

There was no visible indication of a water stain, a wet spot or bulging of drywall as the following photo of the same area shows.

mold in shower ceiling

After further investigation we discovered that there was a leak from the bath-tub in the bathroom above it.
Once the ceiling was opened a mold investigation via the tape lift method identified excessive mold growth (hyphae) on the inside cavity between ceiling and flooring.

This example shows how we can find mold growth that was still shielded from the naked eye via a non-destructive method by using the moisture scanner. By solving the problem at this time we can prevent future adverse health effects for the occupants that may be the consequence of excessive mold growth.


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