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Dear Leo:
Enclosed is the payment for the radon mitigation you performed at our home.
Thank you so much for the professional job. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone with a radon problem.

Thanks again,

Margaret P.

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At Radon Home Measurement and Mitigation we regularly call on the following businesses. They have worked as part of our Radon Team with us for more than 10 years, and complement our work well with the same high standards within their industry.

By the way: Nobody can pay to be on this list.

Artisan Roofing repair and Maintenance: Roof work that goes beyond the normal for us, condominiums, wood shake roofs, also when there are special requests by Home Owner Association or Insurances.  

York Electrical Services, llc (John York) (970) 397-6807
Leading Edge Electric, llc (Michelle Rutt, Greeley) (970) 690-1944
Dimitt Electric (Aaron Dimitt) (970) 215-6018

Patrick Plumbing and H. (Mike Patrick) (970) 225-2282
Mike's team has helped if we ran into specific issues related to existing plumbing on jobs.

At Radon Home Measurement and Mitigation we have membership affiliate relationships with the following businesses that we whole heartily recommend to others. We meet with these business owners weekly and/or monthly.

  • For one of eight other home service professionals go to As a member of BNI we know all and meet with the "Fast Track" Group of BNI in Fort Collins weekly.
  • For a home inspector go to the Northern Colorado Chapter of ASHI website, with which we are an affiliate and meet monthly, and look at the list by City to choose one at
  • For  Health issues we are part of the Northern Colorado Health & Wellness Coalition which you can find on facebook under that name.

At Radon Home Measurement and Mitigation we have used the services of the following businesses that we whole heartily recommend to others

Hi Tech Auto Body Shop, Greeley,  A scratch, dent due to our trailer scoring the van when backing up was perfectly repaired. 
Sport About One: Our professional shirts with Logos are fabriacted by Sport About One, owned by Marsanne and Chris Howard.

"Action Signs": Our recent Advertising on our van was installed by "Action Signs Plus" owned by Randy Lerich

  "Signs Now": We were very happy with earlier signs made by us by Signs Now in Fort Collins 

 "Total Symmetry Personal training" Greg Bobby is a highly qualified personal trainer, who keeps us fit to work in those sometimes physically challenging jobsite situations. Click here to go to the "Total Symmetry" facebook page.

Radon tests we use at RHMM are:

Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) has tamper resistant features built in for real estate transactions.
Passive Radon Test. This type is not influenced by increased humidity as some other tests are.

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