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Dear Leo:
Enclosed is the payment for the radon mitigation you performed at our home.
Thank you so much for the professional job. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone with a radon problem.

Thanks again,

Margaret P.

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Jurisdictions that have Radon Code Appendix F to IRC Building Code.

This requires passive radon mitigaiton systems to be installed in every new home that is built within these municipalities.

(January 1, 2005): Passive Radon Mitigation Systems are now REQUIRED by current Building Code in Fort Collins (first in Colorado) for New Home Construction of one- and two-family dwellings. which was extended in 2008 to all multifamily dwellings.
The municipalities in the State of Colorado that have such a requirement for installation of passive systems in new homes are currently (As of October 2011)beside Fort Collins: the Cities of Aspen, Sterling, Golden, Trinidad, La Veta, Longmont, Ridgway, Walsenburg, and the counties of  Hinsdale, Boulder, Logan, Archuleta, Huerfano, Pitkin and Las Animas.


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