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Radon Home Measurement and Mitigation, Inc.
is looking for an energetic, motivated and dedicated applicant with appropriate skills for a starting position in radon mitigation who is interested in an opportunity with future growth possibilities. Applicant must have his/her own transportation capability to job sites.

Successful applicant will be, among others, trained to accomplish the following tasks:
- Set up of tools and materials on job locations.
- Digging, using appropriate tools.
- Assisting supervisor on job in general construction trades such as:
    - PVC pipe cutting and handling
    - Cleaning and vacuum cleaning of concrete slabs.
    - Caulking of concrete slabs
    - Installation and fully sealing of radon membrane in crawl space.
    - Cleaning of Job and managing tools in preparation for next job.
 Good demeanor, and presentability on job sites at our customer's homes is a must, as well as willingness to wear provided clothing with company logo.
 No drugs and no alcohol are allowed on jobs. A current valid driver License and appropriate driving experience are required.
 Criminal background check will be completed before start and positive drug test result on the job is cause for dismissal.

Entry salary Range $9.50-$11/hr. Federal and State mandatory obligations are followed. Opportunity for growth exists for a successful applicant. Initial  work hours are on demand by jobs within the hours 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Has worked at least 2 years in a construction trade?   Yes No
Has worked with a plumber? Yes No
Has worked with a Carpenter Yes No

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(A) Any experience the Applicant has that might be useful for this work and the duration worked in trades that were answered "Yes" above.

(B) Provide three people under whose direct supervision applicant has worked and who have expressed a willingness to the applicant to be a REFERENCE for the applicant. Give  name, Company Name, and Phone Number for each.

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Applicants will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until position is filled.


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